The Minneapolis Area Synod works together so that all experience
gracious invitation into life-giving Christian community 
and live in just and healthy neighborhoods.

Guidelines for submitting Resolutions and Memorials

Each year, the Synod Assembly considers memorials and resolutions pertaining to various topics. Resolutions and memorials are most appropriate when they include a concrete action. The Synod Council has approved the Guidelines for Resolutions and Memorials to be used for the 2016 Synod Assembly. If you are planning to submit a resolution or memorial, please refer to these guidelines.

Contact Dee Cole Vodicka if you have questions: 612-230-3317.

Why We're Here

The Minneapolis Area Synod supports congregations and ministries as together we share God’s love in Jesus Christ. We provide encouragement for leaders, resources for communities of faith, and strategic investment in areas where we are “better together” – such as ministry with and outreach to racially diverse communities and people in their first third of life. We also work to strengthen connections among congregations, justice ministries, ecumenical and interfaith partners, and the global church.

The Minneapolis Area Synod works together so that all experience gracious invitation into life-giving Christian community and live in just and healthy neighborhoods.

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“Liebe Geht Durch den Magen” (“Love goes through the stomach”)

Saturday the congregation celebrated foods with the refugees in our neighborhood.  The event was called “Liebe Geht Durch den Magen”, a German saying.  All afternoon the church kitchen was full of folks from Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, and Leipzig, preparing and organizing the foods.  At 6:00 p.m., the “Garden House,” our largest fellowship room, was full of perhaps 75 people, about half Leipzigers and the other half refugees.  But all of the food was prepared by the refugee families: a stew with rice, okra, and tomatoes; a dense meat loaf of lamb, onions, and mint, circle-shaped and cut like a pizza; ... Read More >

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With keynote speaker, Mike Mann, Bible study leader,
Barbara Lundblad, and Churchwide Representative, Carlos Peña.

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