Adding a Rich Tapestry

Building bridges across cultures is just what Pastor Melissa Melnick does. Years ago, as a high school Spanish and ELL teacher, she noticed that the honors Spanish students were all white and the ELL learners were mostly Latino. And the two groups never interacted. So, she worked to bridge relationships and to help desegregate the two groups. Pastor Melissa lived a multicultural life in every aspect except one church.

My church life didnt reflect my multicultural life, she said.  So now, she is starting one. She named it Tapestry, and right now, shes cultivating a core group of leaders who are working together to create a multi-cultural dinner church. Read the full story >

Why We're Here

The Minneapolis Area Synod supports congregations and ministries as together we share God’s love in Jesus Christ. We provide encouragement for leaders, resources for communities of faith, and strategic investment in areas where we are “better together” – such as ministry with and outreach to racially diverse communities and people in their first third of life. We also work to strengthen connections among congregations, justice ministries, ecumenical and interfaith partners, and the global church.

Nigerians Elect New
President Peacefully

The people of Nigeria on March 28, 2015 went to the polls to elect a new president who will serve the country for another four years. The election was contested by fourteen aspirants of various political parties in Nigeria, but the keen contest was between the serving President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan a Christian southerner from the Oil rich region of the Niger-Delta and General Muhammadu Buhari a Muslim Northerner from the North western state of Katsina where the former president late Umaru Musa Yaradua came from. 

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